Friday, October 29, 2010

"Silly Putty with a Bang"

I searched for the "silly putty and nuclear reactor" epsiode that John mentioned, but a quick Google search for "MacGyver silly putty" provided the following clip:

Update: I never watched MacGyver much when the show was originally on, but I'm aware of the show's main premise.  Mac is a good guy who puts together spectacular escapes and fixes using the items at hand.


  1. Sorry, I just made up the "nuclear reactor" incident", although it certainly was plausible for MacGuyver. I never saw the show much either since it's heyday was in the mid-late 80's, the time I spent in grad school.

  2. I would imagine that if you search Macgyver and "generic material" you would find something. I find this clip interesting because Mac abhors guns yet casually uses plastic explosive to make his escape. The unusual use of the material comes from the triggering mechanism.