Thursday, February 24, 2011

Link of the Moment: Business Practices

The satire found here imagines how Hunt's ketchup could overtake Heinz as the #1 ketchup in America. 

Disclosures: The ideas presented in the column are illegal and punishable by law.  I work for ConAgra Foods, which manufactures Hunt's ketchup.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's Hiring!

Peter Arnoudse, a Director at Dow Chemical, is looking for a polymer rheologist.  He posted a note to the SOR Group on LinkedIn.  Interested parties should apply at the Dow Career Site.
Here is the job description...

Polymer Rheologist-1100521

The Dow Chemical Company has an exciting and challenging opportunity for a Ph.D. level polymer rheologist in Plastics R&D with the Plastics Characterization Group in Freeport, Texas. This laboratory supports the development, manufacture and sales of polyolefin resins for film, pipe, blow molding and similar end use applications. The selected candidate will serve as a technical resource for our rheology testing capability, develop new rheology test capabilities, and apply rheological tools and principles to product development and resolution of manufacturing or customer issues. The candidate will lead a local laboratory consisting of four technicians and participate in a global rheology team.

1. Serve as technical resource to the Freeport rheology capability:
•provide technical support and training to the testing group
•maintain high-standard service levels for routine testing
•develop new test methodology/models/understanding to support business needs
•participate in Dow global rheology network to leverage best practices
•keep up-to-date with advances in the field of rheology
•play key role in new instrument evaluation and selection

2. Serve on multidisciplinary teams supporting product and application development
•provide consulting in solving complex problems (e.g. characterize polymers with new structures, troubleshooting issues at customer)
•participate in the definition and defense of patents

3. Network internally with other Dow business units and externally with universities and research institutes
•proactively participate in Dow internal seminars and document high quality research reports
•scientific communications at international conferences and publication of articles in scientific journals

A Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymer/Materials Science or a closely related discipline is required for this position.

Additional requirements and preferences of the position:

•Strong theoretical background in polymer rheology with an understanding of the relationship between polymer molecular architecture and polymer rheological behavior, processing, and physical properties
•Strong experimental skill with dynamic, capillary and extensional rheometers
•Experience in the characterization of polyethylene is strongly preferred
•Experience with other polymer characterization techniques is a plus
•Strong, innovative problem solving skills
•Ability to collaborate effectively with others in a team environment
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills

At Dow, we are harnessing the power of science and technology to improve the lives of people around the world. We are accomplishing this by empowering our people - the Human Element - to lead change. To recognize their outstanding efforts and contributions, we offer a total rewards package which is considered top tier in our industry.

Dow offers:
•Competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits
•An annual variable pay program that rewards team and individual performance and shares company, business or functional success
•Employee stock ownership - and the commitment to long-term success that it brings
•On-going learning opportunities in a rewarding work environment
•Career experiences that can span different Dow businesses and functions with opportunities for personal and professional growth
•The chance to work on global teams with colleagues around the world and in different locations

Silly Putty & Play-Doh: Great Toys has put together a list of the 100 all-time greatest toys. Silly Putty is one of the toys from the 1950's. According to the article, the polymer was a byproduct of the development of synthetic rubber.
The other rheologically interesting toy is Play-Doh, which was originally a wallpaper cleaner.  The product was a hit with kids because it was softer than the clay that was available then.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Link of the Moment: Soft Matter Blog

While doing one of my Google searches for other rheology blogs, I came across the Soft Matter Blog, which comes from RSC Publishing.  They summarize articles from the journal Soft Matter and provide articles and previews for free [1].  I've added them to the Science & Engineering blogs.

[1]  John put up a link to the rheology of peanut butter.  I swear I found Soft Matter independently the same day he put up his post.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jobs Report (Feb '11)

A search of the sites and using the term "rheolog*" found 42 positions and 23 positions, respectively.  In January, this search found 22 and 18 positions, respectively.  Part of the increase on Monster is due to 6 technical sales positions advertised by MRI Network. 
The food rheologist position at Kraft (first mentioned here) is advertised on both job boards.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ask Doc Rheo: Paper Coatings Companies

Dear Doc Rheo:
Can you give me the names of some paper coatings companies?
A Student (again)

Dear Student:
Here are some companies that I know make paper coatings--
Commenters--do you have any other names?

Here are some other coatings links--

Good luck,
Doc Rheo