Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quotations of the Moment

Up in the Air: Movie Edition

(George Clooney plays Ryan, and Anna Kendrick plays Natalie.)

Natalie: I followed him to Omaha.
Ryan: You did?
Natalie: I had a job waiting for me in San Francisco when he got an offer from ConAgra.  He said we could start a life together.  So, I followed him.
Ryan: To Nebraska?


Natalie: Are you going to be OK?
Ryan: What do you mean?
Natalie: In Omaha?
Ryan: I don't know.
Natalie: It's better than you think.

(Posted just because I live in Omaha and work for ConAgra.  Besides, these quotations are not on the movie's IMDb page.)


  1. My condolenses.

    But do I really have it any better here in St. Paul? Remember what Hubert Humphrey said: "Without professional sport, the Twin Cites would be a cold Omaha."

  2. Hadn't heard that comment about Omaha and the Twin Cities. Haven't you heard that we're getting a UFL team?
    I don't think that the Omaha Chamber of Commerce will be using the slogan "Omaha, it's better than you think." any time soon.