Monday, November 2, 2009

UV Curing: Rheometers

All five major rotational rheometer companies sell attachments that allow users to track the performance of UV-sensitive coatings over time. If you want more information, here are links:
  1. TA Instruments
  2. Reologica (scroll down to see the UV cell)
  3. Malvern
  4. Thermo
  5. Anton Paar
At the Anton Paar website, you can also download an application note on the UV curing cell (registration required). (Disclosure: I used to work at Anton Paar, and I wrote that specific application note.) I saw an application note available at the Malvern site as well (registration required).

This entry was inspired by the post at the Rheo Thing concerning UV coatings.

Update--cleaned up the extra white space.

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