Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Deadly Viscoelastic Fluid

While searching around for rheology blogs, I found the blog Entertaining Research. In a 2007 post, Guru found a paper by Gaume and Fortiere that studied the viscoelastic properties of pitcher plants from Borneo. When the fluid in the plant was diluted, it was able to retain some of its insect-trapping properties. The authors attribute this to the elastic properties of the fluid and found a correlation between the fluid’s Deborah number and the effectiveness of the fluid’s ability to capture insects.

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  1. Its very intersting for me to see this research paper in which the author discuss the fluid properties and make the discussion upon that. I am the research student in the field of fluid mechanics.Me in Pakistan but here the facility of such type of plants means the growth of such plant is not here. But me wanna do work in that field.