Monday, February 20, 2012

Doc Rheo F/U: Degrees of Food Rheology

I recently had a chance to discuss this letter with a food science professor.  (This professor is familiar with rheology, but it's not his main area of research.)  The professor told me that graduate food rheology projects might be difficult for one important reason: there is no such thing as a model food system.  There are model polymer systems that are used in chemistry and physics studies, but a degree focused only on food rheology might be more difficult than other fields.

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  1. The prof overthought the question. Of course there is a model food system: double chocolate ice cream, because you get to eat the leftovers. Actually, any food would fit the bill. Is it really that difficult? I can't say I ever was tempted to eat leftover polyoctylacrylate, the definitive model of a polymer for rheology.