Friday, January 7, 2011

A Point of Clarification

I know that some people find this blog using the search term "eric brown rheology."  I was originally flattered, but I remembered that there is another member of the Society of Rheology with the name Eric Brown.  The other Dr. Brown is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago.  I attended one of his talks at last year's SOR meeting, and he has a promising future.

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  1. I am the only "Spevacek" in the SOR. That may surprise you, but it shouldn't. Spevacek is actually a reasonably common Bohemian name and means "singer" (something that I can most strongly assure you is not a genetic trait!). I am aware of at least 2 other John Spevaceks here in the US.

    There is a Jiri Spevacek in the Czech Acadamy of Sciences who has published quite a few papers over the years in polymer science, mostly in the area of 13-C NMR. One year when I still worked at a large corporation that did year-end performance reviews, I took a list of all the papers he had published that year (under the name "J. Spevacek") and tried to convince my supervisor that I had authored them. As expected, I didn't get too far, but we both got a good laugh.

    Maybe you could try it with your current boss?