Monday, March 1, 2010

Poll of the Month (March)

I last tried this when it was just me and a few Google bots reading the blog, and I'm interested in the to see what the results will be.  For this month, what rheometer type is in your lab?  Multiple answers are allowed.  The poll will run for the month of March


  1. We've got a Rheometrics RDA II. If you run this poll again in 50 years, I'll still give you the same answer. It's what the cockroaches will be using in the post-apocalyptic age.

  2. Well, The Rheometrics series continued to be after the company acquired by TA Instruments and dubbed ARES. In fact the innovation by Rheometrics' engineers have keep this set the best strain-controlled rheometer for decades.

    We have a ARES RFS II and a AR-G2.